Local June 5, 2020 | 8:03 am

Fair and hot: Meteorology predicts little rain today in Dominican Republic

Regarding the meteorological field, dry and stable conditions will be exhibited on the national geography, supported by the influence of the anticyclone in the northeast of the country; more dust values ​​of the Sahara, both factors will be enough to reduce the cloud formations of great vertical extension, consequently, they will limit the probabilities of significant precipitations at the national level. The clouds will be concentrated this afternoon towards some points of the southwest, the mountain ranges: Eastern and Central. 

Tomorrow, Saturday, variations in weather conditions will be minimal, a sky will dominate mostly with scattered clouds and sun in the Dominican Republic. The chances of showers will be more favorable in areas close to the mountains of Neiba and Bahoruco, Also in the cordilleras: Oriental, Septentrional, and Central during the afternoon, even in the first periods of the night. The accumulated rainfall that will be registered will be scarce due to the persistence of the anticyclone, together with the low values ​​of Saharan dust.  

Next Sunday, from dawn a tropical wave will be approaching the south of the Dominican territory providing light humidity, it will also be coupled to a trough that will originate in the northeast of the country; These systems will favor a gradual increase in cloudiness with isolated showers and possible thunderstorms in sectors of the Northeast, Southeast, and Central Cordillera regions. 

ONAMET reports that the Cristóbal Tropical Depression is located about 130 kilometers south / southeast of the city of Campeche Mexico, moving north-northeast at 11 km/h, with winds of 55 kph. This phenomenon, due to its location and displacement, does not offer any danger to our country. 

Summary: Generally a sky with few clouds and sun. We do not expect significant precipitation, the clouds that appear will be concentrated in sectors of the southwest, the mountain ranges: East and Central this afternoon. Hot temperatures!

Today: Good weather conditions throughout the country, in the afternoon partial increase in cloudiness towards the southwest region, the mountain ranges: East and Central. No significant precipitation is expected. 

Saturday: Few clouds and enough hours of sun in the morning, partly cloudy briefly in the afternoon and possible showers in provinces of the mountains of Neiba and Bahoruco, in the same way in the cordilleras: Oriental, Septentrional, and Central. 

Santo Domingo and its municipalities: Little cloud activity in the morning hours, while scattered clouds in the afternoon.

National District: Sunny with a clear sky to scattered clouds. 

Sunday: Scattered clouds in the morning, increased cloudiness in the afternoon with local downpours and isolated thunderstorms in the northeast, southeast, and the Central Cordillera. Tropical wave and trough will affect.

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