Local June 12, 2020 | 11:00 am

Names surface after Puerto Rican kingpin’s release

Santo Domingo- after the release of José David Figueroa Agosto, who served 10 years in prison for drug trafficking at a federal correctional facility in Indiana, part of the methods used in the criminal organization he led to execute the sale of narcotics has been revealed.

In the past few days the name of Figueroa Agosto reappeared after the National Drug Control Directorate (DNCD) arrested Esteban Cedeño Cedeño, who had been a fugitive since 2016 due to links with the Puerto Rican drug cartel. The operation was carried out in the eastern region of the Dominican Republic.

The purchase of winning lottery tickets, the use of figureheads and the bribery of authorities to maintain the drug cartel are part of the points dealt with in the United States District Court file for the District of Puerto Rico quoted by Listin Diario.

Names in Figueroa’s operations

Apart from Figueroa, at least 16 other people are mentioned in the indictments at the court of Puerto Rico: José Miguel Marrero Martell “Pito Nariz”; “Pito” and Elvin A. Medina Velazquez; Jorge Luis Figueroa Agosto “Luis” and “El Viejo”; Eddy Brito Martínez, Diego Pérez Colón “Dieguito” and “El Flaco”. Sixto Boschetti Davila “Pichy”; Kareem Boschetti Davila; Elier Martínez Delgado “El Cubano”; Rafael Molina Padro, “Wengro”, “Wingo” and “Wingro”; Ivan Crespo Talavera “Hawaiiano”; Raul Gonzalez Diaz “Roy”; Carlos Torres Landrua “Carlitos”; Héctor Ramos Rosado, Jonathan Vega Berrios, Joel Vega Berrios and Gerardo Amaro Rodríguez.

Figueroa Agosto was also known by the aliases: “Junior Capsula”; “Junior”; “Crazy”; “The Domi”; “Phillip”; “Angel F. Rosa Rivera”; “Felipe Rodríguez De La Rosa”; “Christian Almonte Peguero”; “Ramón Sánchez” and “Billy Ojeda Agosto.”

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