Local June 20, 2020 | 11:10 am

ONAMET weekend outlook forecasts little rain and many hours of sun in the DR

SANTO DOMINGO.- The National Meteorological Office (ONAMET) predicted few showers this Saturday and many hours of sunshine in much of the national geography.

ONAMET specified that a tropical wave located in the southwest is moving rapidly over the waters of the Caribbean Sea, it has presented little influence limiting itself to some rains on the Caribbean coast.

However, it was pointed out that after noon, some of its lagging humidity in combination with the local effects would leave showers scattered towards some localities in the interior of the country.

On the other hand, Onamet reported that summer begins today in the northern hemisphere, which is characterized by shorter nights and longer days.

Tomorrow Sunday, national meteorology predicted that a new tropical wave will destabilize local conditions causing cloudy developments from early hours with some rain and in the afternoon moderate downpours, electrical storms, and gusts of wind over the Caribbean coastal coastline, the northeast, the Central Range, the southwest and points of the border area, these activities will be present until the early hours of the night, and then gradually decrease in intensity and frequency.

Onamet said that on Monday, the rains will continue due to the humidity left after the passage of the tropical wave which will be located in the southwest of Haiti, in addition, the local effects will have their customary role generating showers towards points of the Haitises park, the southeast, and the Central Range.

Onamet further explained that these rains at the end of the day presented a gradual decrease due to the greater income of Saharan dust.

The agency reported an area of ​​bad weather located several hundred miles southeast of the United States coast. Trajectory to the northeast is forecast and could take on the characteristic of low non-tropical pressure on Sunday. The probability of cyclonic formation in the next 48 hours is 10%. Due to its location, this phenomenon offers no danger to the DR.

“We continue to exhort the public to avoid prolonged exposure to solar radiation from 11 in the morning to 4 in the afternoon. In addition, to mitigate the heat caused by high temperatures, we must drink enough liquids, preferably water, and wear light-colored, light clothes,” Onamet states in its report.

Likewise, it recommends the population to adopt measures to guarantee the rational use of water, due to the rainfall deficit that has been affecting our territory for the last few months.  

According to the Meteorology report in the National District and the Greater Santo Domingo province, there will be scattered clouds.

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