Local June 22, 2020 | 8:47 am

Gov. has requested US$540.2M to fight virus

Santo Domingo.-The Executive Branch asked to allocate an additional RD4.0 billion to the Social Plan of the Presidency, an entity that in the first five months of the year has disbursed 90% of the more than RD$3 billion that was assigned to it in the Budget for this 2020.

But the budget increase would not only be directed to that agency, but also the social policy cabinet headed by the vice presidency for which it requests more than RD$22.7 billion.

The Executive Branch has requested a total of RD$31.3 billion (US$540.2 million) to respond to the crisis created by the coronavirus pandemic. The amounts corresponding to the Solidarity program, the Social Plan and the presidency, as explained by the budget expert, José Rijo Presbot.

According to reports on the execution of the Social Plan, as of May of this year, 3.5 billion of the RD$3.9 that were allocated for this 2020, which were already spent.

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