Local June 29, 2020 | 10:22 am

Shuttle flights bring Dominicans back home

New York.- The Dominican consulate in New York City last Saturday concluded the shuttle flights to the Dominican Republic to repatriate from the United States hundreds of Dominicans who, while traveling, business or transit, were stranded after the airports were closed as a measure of the Government to combat COVID-19.

In 15 flights, carried out over 3 months, 1,821 compatriots from different places were flown to the country, consul Carlos Castillo said in a statement.

“The first one was carried out on April 4 and prior to boarding the plane the Creoles were subjected to temperature checks facilitated by Dr. Juan Tapia, of SOMOS Community Care, in coordination with the Empire City Labs laboratory.”

The travelers were exempt of the quarantine requirement in isolation centers, if they presented a COVID-19 PCR 8800 test issued 48 hours prior to arrival in Dominican territory.

Castillo thanked the executives and workers of Delta Airlines and Jet Blue Airlines.

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