Local July 1, 2020 | 9:59 am

Industrialists urge citizens exercise their right to vote

Santo Domingo.- The business leaders grouped in the Herrera National Companies and Industries Association (ANEIH) on Tue. urged citizens to exercise their right to vote in the electoral contest this Sunday, July 5, autonomously, thoughtfully and with a sense of civic and health responsibility.

They note that the dynamics of a nation’s productive activities and the security of the business climate are closely linked to the good performance of the institutional processes of a representative democracy such as Dominican Republic’s.

“It’s essential that on Sunday work be carried out and conclude in peace, in an orderly, diaphanous manner and without any kind of stumbling block to prevent it from transcending the productive dynamic, and under a rigorous sanitary protocol as required by the current situation that gives guarantees to all who attend,” said ANEIH President Leonel Castellanos Duarte.

“Hence, it is important that next Sunday we all go to vote exercising our constitutional right to choose those candidates that we consider suitable, who are aware of national needs and their potential solutions, and who above all, know how to recognize the progress that have allowed us to achieve the stability and institutional, social and economic progress that we enjoy.”

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