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National emergency ended, but restrictions remain in Dominican Republic

Rafael Sánchez Cárdenas announced measures yesterday, through resolution, and declared a national epidemic by Covid.

Santo Domingo, DR

At the end of the state of national emergency imposed by the Government yesterday as a result of the eruption of the coronavirus, the Ministry of Public Health declared, officially, an epidemic situation throughout the territory.

The measure is established via resolution, 0018, and comes just with the issuance of a report that records 747 deaths and 32,569 confirmed cases of the fatal disease.

With this resolution, dated yesterday June 30, the Ministry of Health appeals to provisions established in the General Health Law 42-01, so that from now on that institution assumes control of the measures and sanctions that must be adopted in the country to guarantee the control and mitigation of the Covid epidemic, whose first imported case was detected on March 1.

The health authorities appealed to this declaration at the end of the curfew last Sunday, which controlled nighttime social mobility, and since yesterday the State of Exception that the Government had maintained since March 20, whose extension was not requested again before the difficulties faced in the Chamber of Deputies to receive the latest requests for extension made.

The resolution, read yesterday by the Minister of Public Health, in a virtual press conference, establishes that the national territory is declared an epidemic, with a series of 12 provisions or measures to continue mitigating the virus at the national level and sanctions ranging from the temporary closure of establishments in case of non-compliance and fines ranging from one to 10 minimum wages.

Recreation centers

Entertainment and recreation establishments such as casinos, discotheques, movie theaters, and theaters are to be closed and postpones the massive events in convention centers, auditoriums, esplanades, stadiums, sports hall, sports arenas, and galleras.

In addition, primary, secondary, university, technical and any other type of education will continue to be taught virtually, according to the provisions of the competent bodies, while the religious services may be carried out respecting the established protocols such as social distancing, use of a mask and measures of personal protection.

Regarding sports activities, it establishes that the training and physical preparation activities of athletes, gyms, and sports practice whose rules allow physical distance may be carried out in compliance with the protocols.

It indicates that the operations of the productive, industrial, business, and commercial sectors will be subject to the established general and sectoral protocols.

Operations and protocol

The hotels and other lodging places, restaurants, and clubs, according to the resolution, must operate in strict compliance with the protocols.


Regarding the phases of economic de-escalation, it indicates that decisions on the course to follow will be taken in consultation with the High-Level Commission and the Emergency Committee.

It maintains the provision of the protocol for the management and monitoring of patients, the mandatory use of a mask, and those over 60 years of age, and those with any comorbidity are encouraged to stay at home, avoiding exits unless they are strictly necessary.

The sanctions

The ninth article establishes that non-compliance with the measures may lead to temporary closure and fines of between one and 10 minimum wages.



The measure comes just with the issuance of a report yesterday that records 747 deaths and 32,569 confirmed cases of the deadly disease.

After the end of the meeting

The authorities appealed to this declaration when the curfew that controlled nighttime social mobility ended last Sunday.


Public Health released yesterday 12 measures of the declaration of a national epidemic.

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