Local July 1, 2020 | 8:53 am

Pandemic: 207 more patients admitted to ICUs

Santo Domingo.- At a time when the health authorities recognize the impossibility of controlling the crowds as a result of the presidential elections next Sunday, the cases of deaths and serious patients by Covid-19 continue to rise nationwide.

Yesterday, 207 patients were admitted to Intensive Care Units, for an ICU bed occupancy of 60% and 65% nationwide in Greater Santo Domingo, while of the hospital beds available for patients with Covid, 59% were full in the country, a percentage that rises to 71% in the capital.

In the Covid-designated health centers under monitoring yesterday there were 922 patients hospitalized for 59% of the bed occupancy and 207 were in the ICU, equivalent to 59.9% of the available beds. In the District there were 438 people hospitalized, 92 in intensive care and 57 in ventilation.

On Tue. Public Health reported more 14 deaths and 752 new cases.

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