Local July 6, 2020 | 11:10 am

Electoral activities will uptick Covid-19 cases: expert

Santo Domingo.- Govt. public health advisor, Amado Alejandro Báez, on Mon. predicted an increase in Covid-19 cases, “associated with the activities of July 1 and July 5.”

He tweeted that the increase in cases will begin to be seen after 14 days (viral cycle) and that “now is the time to isolate control and increase responsiveness.”

“With the electoral process already concluded, it is prudent to clarify the current epidemiological situation. Today we saw the highest historical number of COVID-19 is absolute in the DR: 3,645 tests reported 1,241 positives 34% positivity rate.”

The country registered 1,241 new cases of coronavirus, the highest number reported in a day since the pandemic began.

The total number of infected is 37,425 people, with 794 deaths

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