Local July 10, 2020 | 8:11 am

Dominican Covid-19 cases spillover to Haiti: Efe

Port-au-Prince.- Of the 42 new imported coronavirus cases reported in Haiti since July 1, 86% come from the neighboring Dominican Republic, according to the latest bulletin from the Ministry of Public Health and Population, which attributes 113 deaths from the disease in the country.

The remaining 14% of imported cases come from the United States, according to the report, which states that Haiti has a total of 99 imported cases compared to 6,272 of local transmission.

The data also indicates that Haiti registers at least 13,659 suspected cases of COVID-19.

The progression of the pandemic in the Dominican Republic, where it has already killed 821 people, represents a great danger for Haiti, the co-chair of the multisectoral commission for the management of the crisis of the disease, Dr. Jean William Pape recently told Efe.

According to the doctor, the Dominican Republic “has the wildest pandemic in the entire region. If we were an island, like Cuba, for example, we would have no problems. But the fact that we are next to the Dominican Republic and that this large number of Haitians is returning has become very difficult to control.”

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