Local July 16, 2020 | 8:26 am

Abinader wants a ‘frank and objective press’

S. Carlo.

Santo Domingo.- President-elect Luis Abinader said Wed. that an objective and frank press contributes to countries having better and more efficient rulers.

“When I elected Milagros Germán to head the Communications Directorate of the Presidency, I defined the new air of frank and open communication, of transparency towards society that we will have from the National Palace,” he said in a statement.

Abinader defined the type of relationship he aspires to have with the press by making a “surprise call” to the popular radio program ‘12 X 2,’ headed by Sergio Carlo and Karina Larrauri, responding to requests by the communicator.

“This is a real change,” said Carlo, “in the past we have called the Palace on multiple occasions, trying to congratulate or have some communication with the President, and Abinader does us the honor of returning the call in a short time.”

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