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President Medina asks citizens of DR to take the coronavirus seriously

President Danilo Medina led the delivery of the remodeled Pedro Marchena hospital in Bonao. PRESIDENCY

Bonao, DR


“I want to ask you not to take it easy,” President Danilo Medina said yesterday, referring to the coronavirus pandemic that is affecting the country and which is on a growing peak of infections.

By offering a few words after delivering the remodeled hospital “Dr. Pedro Emilio de Marchena,” in this city, the president emphasized the pandemic that affects the country.

“It is a complicated and delicate situation that the Dominican Republic is experiencing. People if they are not doing anything in the streets, should stay in their houses, because most of the people who are getting infected are young and youth have the privilege of not giving them symptoms,” Medina said.

He explained that when these “young people” become infected and arrive at their homes, they can infect elderly people or people with other illnesses, at the same time that it can cause health complications or, in the worst case, die after becoming infected with Covid-19.

“When they go home infected, they do not know themselves that they have the virus, so they infect the elderly and the elderly who have a previous disease such as diabetes, hypertension who suffer from diseases of the lungs then end up dying,” Medina explained.

Likewise, he called on people in the North region to take advantage of health protocols, in order to overcome the situation the country is experiencing with Covid-19.

Great investment

The remodeling of the “Dr. Pedro Emilio de Marchena” hospital building located in Bonao, Monseñor Nouel province, had an investment of over RD $ 1.3 billion and has a three-level infrastructure, with 150 beds in the internment area, explained engineer Francisco Pagán, director of the Office of Supervising Engineers of State Works (OISOE).

The director of OISOE reported that “only 12 hospital centers need to be delivered out of the 56 promised by the president.”

Hospital service will be free.

Medina said that the services that the hospital will offer will be free, but urged those who have health insurance to present it when they seek medical attention so that the ARS pays.

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