Local July 24, 2020 | 10:15 am

Another corrupt Dominican Gov. agency gets the axe

San Pedro radio station where journalists wee killed.

Santo Domingo.- Another institution fraught with cases of corruption will cease to exist in the government of Luis Abinader, which will begin August 16.

The State Sugar Council (CEA) will be merged with the Directorate of National Assets, as announced by president-elect Luis Abinader on Thursday via Twitter. He had already announced the elimination of the State Works Supervisory Office (OISOE) on Tue.

The CEA is a decentralized autonomous agency of the Dominican State founded on August 19, 1966, through Law No.7, promulgated by then President Joaquín Balaguer. Its objective: to manage the sugar mills and other dependencies linked to sugar production.

In 2017, the death of three people revealed a rampant corruption scandal in the sale of land in San Pedro de Macorís, after which an Investigative Commission found irregularities in CEA operations.


José Rodríguez, who had allegedly bought CEA land, murdered the journalist Leo Martínez and the announcer Luis Manuel Medina, while on the air of a radio program live on Facebook. Subsequently Rodriguez committed suicide.

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