Local August 10, 2020 | 7:35 am

What happens when travelers arrive in Dominican Republic

Santo Domingo.- For more than a week, travelers who arrive at the country’s airports have been given a rapid test to detect or rule out the presence of COVID-19. The measure is for passengers who do not present negative results test of the disease, which must be at least five days old.

The test, which seeks to reduce the contagion of the coronavirus in the country, is being applied. So far, so good, but what happens when a traveler tests positive? Do they return to the country where they came from? Are they isolated? What are the authorities doing?

Luis José López Mena, PR at Dominican Airports manager (Aerodom), pointed out that when a person arrives in the Dominican Republic, whether Dominican or foreign, and tests positive for COVID-19, a protocol is followed in the terminals that handles that entity. It emphasizes that it must be taken into account that this type of test is not conclusive as is the PCR to determine that a person is infected with the coronavirus.

Aerodom manages the international airports, Las Americas (Aila), Luperón, in Puerto Plata, and La Isabela (El Higüero), located in Santo Domingo province.

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