Local August 13, 2020 | 3:30 pm

Mango production guide released in Dominican Republic

El País.- Mango Fair, ExpoMando 2010. Baní Dominican Republic. Hoy 06-19-2010. Juan Faña.

With the aim of turning mango cultivation into a highly profitable business in the Dominican Republic, the National Council for Agricultural and Forestry Research (Coniaf) put into circulation a modern technical guide for the sustainable production and export of this fruit.

Juan Chávez, director of Coniaf, affirmed that the book offers detailed information on the specific activities necessary to turn mango production into a profitable business, thus providing a modern and environmentally sustainable production alternative in fruit trees.

He said that Coniaf promotes mango cultivation to meet the growing national and international demand for the fruit and improve the quality of life of producers.

“This guide is part of the technology transfer program implemented by Coniaf jointly with the Dominican Institute for Agricultural and Forestry Research, the Mango Cluster, and other public and private institutions, aimed at training leading technicians and producers in various crops of export.

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