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Today is Danilo Medina’s last day at the National Palace of Dominican Republic

Danilo Medina bids farewell to the Dominican presidency

Until 8:00 at night Danilo Medina continued yesterday fulfilling the previous duties of an eight-year presidency that comes to an end today.


Santo Domingo, DR


Last night was the penultimate time he boarded the exclusive 01 plate jeep, escorted by his security agents and the presidential guard, after a full day of meetings, farewells, and cheers from the employees of the National Palace.

In the morning hours, the employees left their offices. They lined up to thank their president for the last time, leaving the corridor’s central space for him to walk with his three ministers: Gustavo Montalvo, of the Presidency; José Ramón Peralta, Administrative Officer of the Presidency and Flavio Darío Espinal, legal consultant.

While bumping his fists and patting his employees’ shoulders, Danilo listened to the journalists’ questions about whether he was leaving power in peace, to which, without hesitation, he replied: “Yes, I am leaving in peace.”

The president walked the corridors of the three floors of the National Palace. Each step he took provoked various emotions in the staff who accompanied him during these last eight years; many did so with tears, gestures, and words of gratitude that were reciprocated as he progressed. After saying goodbye, Danilo returned to his office to continue with his last tasks. He received business people, politicians from the Dominican Liberation Party (PLD), government officials, trade unionists, farmers, friends, and even one of his daughters, accompanied by her son-in-law and grandson. Among the people seen saying goodbye to the president are the Minister of Finance, Donald Guerrero; the former president of the Dominican Federation of Municipalities (Fedomu), Rafael Hidalgo;

The last day

As is customary, this Saturday, the president is expected to go to the National Palace at 8:00 in the morning to continue receiving leaders and business people in his office. According to Peralta, the Administrative Minister, it is scheduled to continue today visits from personalities of public life. However, at 4:00 in the afternoon, Danilo will meet, for the last time, with a president from another country.

Juan Orlando Hernández, the president of Honduras, who is invited to the inauguration of President-elect Luis Abinader, will meet with Danilo at the National Palace.

The details of this meeting are unknown. However, Hernández was one of the first presidents to congratulate Abinader when he achieved electoral victory in the July 5 elections.

With his head held high

Last Friday, in his previous address to the nation as president of the country, Danilo affirmed that he leaves the National Palace with his head held high and satisfied his duty accomplished.

“I am leaving with my head held high. I go as I entered. I worked more than 12 hours a day, without a single day off,” said Medina.

“I gave all my time and sacrifice to serve the Dominican people,” said the president. Medina recalled that he had stated that he came to the government to continue what was right, correct what was wrong, do what has never been done, and keep his word.


His latest messages

Serve the people.

“I know that I have not done well for some groups, but for the vast majority of Dominican men and women, I am passing with outstanding marks,” Medina said. He reiterated that his only interest has been to serve the people and that his greatest satisfaction will be to walk through the streets as an ordinary citizen, receive the greetings of his compatriots and have them tell him: “Thank you, Danilo, because during your Government my life improved.”

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