Local August 18, 2020 | 7:05 am

Mike Pompeo says his visit to the Dominican Republic was unforgettable

Santo Domingo, DR


The Secretary of State of the United States, Mike Pompeo, said that his visit this Sunday to the Dominican Republic was unforgettable. With it, the alliance of both countries was reinforced to promote the prosperity of the region and achieve shared goals.

“My visit to Santo Domingo was unforgettable. Cooperation between the United States and the Dominican Republic is essential for the Caribbean and the hemisphere’s security and prosperity. We strongly support the Dominican Republic as an ally to achieve our shared goals in the region,” Pompeo said on his Twitter account.

The message was shared, along with a video in which he presented some cuts and photographs of the course of his visit, since his arrival, his attendance at the inauguration, the conversations held with former president  Danilo Medina, and the new president, Luis Abinader, up to his visit of the Cathedral. 

Mike Pompeo arrived in the country on a state plane on Sunday morning to attend the inauguration of the Republic’s new constitutional president, who began his four-year presidential term with Vice President Raquel Peña yesterday.

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