Local August 19, 2020 | 4:37 pm

A third atmospheric threat to the Caribbean formed in Africa

There is “a vigorous tropical wave” that covers Guinea and Sierra Leone with showers and thunderstorms and moves into the tropical Atlantic.


SANTO DOMINGO, Dominican Republic.- A third phenomenon has been added to the two tropical waves on the verge of powering up and developing to a tropical depression category that already threatens the Caribbean and is heading towards us.

There is currently “a vigorous tropical wave,” covering Guinea and Sierra Leone with showers and thunderstorms. It is moving west-northwest at 15 to 20 mph towards the tropical central Atlantic, detailed the National Hurricane Center (NHC) from the United States.


Regarding the tropical wave already located in the Caribbean Sea, reports are that “it is causing disorganized rains, thunderstorms, and gusts of wind.”

It is possible, NHC adds, that it will have “some gradual development” in the next few hours as it moves west of the central Caribbean Sea with an approximate speed of 15 to 20 mph.”

After that, the US body predicts that the wave will move more slowly towards the west-northwest, and then “it is likely” that it will become a tropical depression “later this week when it enters the Caribbean Sea.”


Today’s atmospheric system is moving west-northwest also at 15 to 20 mph across the central and western tropical Atlantic is also expected to transform into a tropical depression in the coming hours. The chances of this are high and already reach 90%.

The US issues port alert in Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands

The United States Coast Guard established an alert for the seaports of Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands before the development of the second tropical wave in the Caribbean.

The federal agency reported Wednesday that Coast Guard teams visit port facilities in both jurisdictions to evaluate preparedness actions.

The Coast Guard warned the maritime community to remain alert to Invest 98L forecasts and take necessary precautions, as this atmospheric system can strengthen and develop into a tropical storm as it approaches the Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico.

The alert, called “Whiskey,” is established 72 hours before the threat of storm winds. However, all maritime and port operations and vessels’ transit can continue until further notice, under precautionary measures.

All oceanic commercial vessels that exceed 500 gross tons must make plans to leave port, vessels wishing to remain in port must submit a request to the Harbor Master’s Office before Port Condition X-Ray is established.

The statement asks the owners of pleasure boats to seek a safe harbor.

Puerto Rico, which is a territory and Commonwealth of the United States, suffered in 2017 the passage of three intense hurricanes that caused severe damage, especially Hurricane María, which in September of that year “destroyed” the island, leaving thousands of deaths and devastated infrastructure.

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