Local August 22, 2020 | 7:02 am

Liz María case: «El Panadero» (“The Baker”) suffers from an antisocial personality disorder, according to specialists

Starlin Francisco Santos/Fuente externa

Human behavior specialists assure that Starlin Francisco Santos (El Panadero), who confessed to raping and murdering the girl Liz María Sánchez, has an antisocial personality disorder.

“The psychopathological characteristics of these subjects is what the master of German psychopathology described as the world of antisocial personality disorder, the world begins and ends in them,” said a specialist in the area.

Another mental health professional pointed out that this type of person has fragile self-esteem that often prevents them from establishing a healthy relationship with adults or peers.

Liselot García, the mother of the girl Liz María Sánchez, suspects something strange in her daughter’s disappearance, different from the confession of Starlin Francisco Santos to the National Police. “This smells of human trafficking to me,” García said yesterday after the alleged pedophile was handed 18 months of preventive detention.

Santos, known as “El Panadero,” explained the details of his crime: he strangled his victim, put her in a sack along with stones, and threw her into the sea at kilometer 14 1/2 of the Las Américas Highway.

But Liselot García does not entirely believe in that version. She believes that the defendant negotiated with her daughter intending, to get enough money to help him get out of prison. “I don’t believe anything he says to the police,” she says.

When watching some videos of him with the girl on his cell phone, she feels that the girl tells her that she is alive.

Starlin Francisco Santos changed what he had previously told authorities. Before the judge who heard the request for a means of coercion, he pleaded not guilty and said that he had confessed due to threats from a policeman.

Liz María’s mother explained that it was surprising for her and all her neighbors to discover that Santos had committed the act because he considered himself a dependable man. Her husband gave him a job, and he went to eat at his own house.

She said that one day she advised Santos to let her son play with the other children, since he did not allow it, but he told her that “he is not used to being like a child.”

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