Local August 30, 2020 | 11:32 am

Jompéame raises almost 400 thousand pesos to help a Dominican boy who fished at curfew for dinner

Jompéame, the online collection platform for social assistance, has raised almost 400 thousand pesos before noon today to help feed the boy Alexander de León (13), who was stopped by several policemen at night, at beginning of curfew, when the minor returned from fishing for dinner.

At 11:27 am, the solidarity of the hands of 306 people had donated RD $ 375,590.75. The goal, according to the platform page, is RD $ 400,000 “to cover one year of feeding the little one.”

Between the dark and sea boy collects crabs to survive

The initiative in favor of the minor, who was surprised by the four policemen in the vicinity of Los Negros beach, in Azua with the crab sack, is released accompanied by a video on Instagram in which the child explains that despite the financial limitations in the house where he lives with his father and grandmother, everything that arrives is shared.

He claims to be proud of his father for whom he asks help.

The four policemen who stopped him made a financial contribution that night and took him to his home.

Alexander’s mother passed away when he was three years old.

Jompéame  Was founded by Katherine Motyka.
Motyka is the second Dominican woman to be accepted at Singularity University at NASA.

Katherine graduated first in her class on Industrial Engineering and earned a scholarship to study Materials and Manufacturing Science at Jonkoping University, Sweden. But it is after completing her studies that she discovered the world of entrepreneurship, winning the competitive Startup Weekend Santo Domingo competition twice within a very short time.

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