Local September 1, 2020 | 2:43 pm

Dominican Public Works suspends fuel allocation and announces austerity plan

Minister of Public Works, Deligne Ascención. (EXTERNAL SOURCE.)

As part of the program of applying the transparency policy carried out in the institution, the Minister of Public Works, Deligne Ascención, instructed his subordinate officials that he must previously notify the initial meetings with contractors.

The decision is contained in a communication addressed to the vice ministers, general directors, and departmental managers of the MOPC.

“They are courteously informed that the initial meetings with the contractors of this institution must be notified in advance to the undersigned, to take the pertinent initiatives on them,” says Minister Ascención.

Likewise, the official instructed to survey the inventory of all vehicles belonging to the MOPC to verify the current status of these and the dependencies to which they are assigned.

Suspend fuel allocation

Along the same lines, the MOPC’s General Directorate of Equipment and Transportation informed vice ministers, general directors, and managers of areas that fixed fuel allocations in the institution are paralyzed.

He added that the requirements related to institutional tasks would be dispatched according to written requests containing the vehicle’s data, driver, and the job to be carried out.

“These requests must be submitted to the general director of Equipment and Transportation, initialed by the person in charge of the requesting department, or whoever he designates for the purposes,” the communication specifies.

Disinfection and fumigation program

The MOPC, through the Directorate of Social and Community Programs of the institution, reported on the continuation on Tuesday of the development of an extensive fumigation and disinfection program in various sectors of the northern part of the National District.

Yasmina Veras García, director of Special Social and Communication Programs at MOPC, said that the program aims to prevent the spread of pests in those places and counteract the advance of the coronavirus.

The sectors to be impacted by Public Works on Tuesdays and Thursdays are La Ciénaga and Guachupita, and Wednesday and Friday correspond to Gualey and Las Cañitas.

“On the instructions of Minister Deligne Ascensión, we visited sectors such as La Ciénaga and Guachupita this Tuesday with a disinfection and fumigation operation, to contribute to the sanitation and sanitation of these sectors,” explained Veras García.

He added there would be several disinfection, fumigation, and sanitation operations that the MOPC will carry out in the different sectors of the northern part of the Capital. These operations are meant to counteract the effects of the coronavirus pandemic and other diseases that may appear.

The official announced that the program would be run in other Greater Santo Domingo sectors in the next few days.

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