Local September 2, 2020 | 12:13 pm

Top prosecutor shows her claws

Former president Danilo Medina, B. Franco.

Santo Domingo.- Attorney General Miriam Germán, in a move that seems aimed at shelved corruption cases, has instructed National District prosecutor, Rosalba Ramos to hand over the case files, including the complaint of money laundering against officials of the Childhood authority (INAIPI) chaired by Berlinesa Franco, who resigned amid the scandal.

According to the complaint, the head of IAIPI paid to a unknown company RD$$100 million for 40,000 food rations.

Germán said she decided to retrieve the files from the prosecutor, as part of a “reengineering focused on the integral transformation of the investigations into the processes related to this crime.”

“The cases had been referred to that instance in a segmented manner and without defined criterion.”

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