Local September 4, 2020 | 9:54 am

Crews haul off over 5,000 tons of trash from the Ozama River


Santo Domingo.- Crews from the Mayor’s Office of the National District, the Ministries of Public Works and Defense have removed more than 5,000 tons of flotsam piled up on the Ozama River floating bridge and in the southern coast of the Caribbean Sea since Tropical Storm Laura.

Most of the waste is snared at the floating bridge where the dredging department of the Navy works together with the Mayor’s Office removing decomposed plastic, lilacs and logs damming on the barges that form the bridge.

Backhoes fill dump trucks which haul the waste to the Duquesa landfill in Santo Domingo Norte.

“What we are trying is that that amount of plastic does not reach Montesinos and does not make the scandal with tourism that was made when the garbage reached the sea and, in addition, and avoid more problems with COVID,” said one of the supervisors of the operations

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