Local September 4, 2020 | 11:07 am

Dominican Foreign Ministry yanks 299 ‘bottles’ from payroll

Santo Domingo.- The Foreign Ministry of the Dominican Republic on Fri. announced the removal of 299 persons who, for the most part, didn’t work and didn’t attend their workplace, known as “bottles.”

“This is only the first stage of a process that will continue until a structure is in place to implement the work program of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.”

In a press release, the Foreign Ministry said it will save RD$18.4 million monthly and RD$220.8 million yearly.

It didn’t however give details of the posts of those terminated or the salaries earned. The calculated average salary of each employee is RD$61,538 monthly.

The Foreign Ministry said “the separation of these people from the entity represents an opportunity to evaluate and improve in a fairer way the conditions of the public servants of that institution.”

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