Local September 7, 2020 | 7:38 am

Dominican Republic’s opposition rebuffs ‘campaign of irresponsible allegations’

T.. Montas

Santo Domingo.- The Political Committee of Dominican Republic’s opposition party (PLD) on Sun. demanded that President Luis Abinader cease what they label as a “campaign of irresponsible allegations” against former officials of the government headed by Danilo Medina, between 2012 and 2020.

At the conclusion of a six-hour meeting, PLD president, Temístocles Montás, said that if they have evidence to validate these complaints, they should be brought to justice.

“If they have any documentation that validates the complaints, which we consider irresponsible, that they proceed to submit to justice, but that the reputation of colleagues is not being played with by making complaints that later there is no way to sustain them,” Montás said.

In that regard political committee member, Francisco Domínguez, refused to comment on judicial proceedings against former officials of the past government that were in the Attorney General’s Office of the National District and that were assumed directly by the former.

On the possible indictments, Domínguez, said that in a democratic system the truth must prevail. “We have always defended that truth and justice prevail. That is what should prevail in any democratic system.”

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