Health September 27, 2020 | 9:59 am

Police will increase patrols starting this Monday due to curfew

Police officers patrol neighborhoods under curfew. File photo.

BOCA CHICA.-The National Police will increase the patrol from this Monday throughout the country to ensure compliance with the curfew and distancing measures.

The information was offered by the director of the National Police, Major General Edward Sánchez González. They explained that 1,200 new agents of the law enforcement institution would be added to the patrol.

Sánchez González explained that the National Police are prepared to enforce the new curfew schedule.

He specified that the 1,200 new agents would be disseminated nationwide and a large part in Greater Santo Domingo.

He asked the Dominican population to comply with the measures adopted by the Ministry of Public Health.

Daily, the agents of the National Police arrest thousands of people who do not comply with the presidential mandate of the curfew.

The people are detained and must spend the night in a police station.

The director of the National Police spoke during his visit to the Mayor’s Office of Boca Chica, where he was received by the mayor of that municipality, an engineer Fermín Brito Rincón. The latter led an act together with community members and social clubs.

During his visit to Boca Chica, the police director delivered several motorcycles and vans to reinforce the patrol in all sectors of the municipality.

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