Local October 2, 2020 | 11:19 am

Democrats ready Dominican-American voters

Santo Domingo.- For more than 15 years, the leadership of the Democratic Party in the Dominican Republic has worked hard to motivate and help American citizens residing in the country to exercise their right to vote, being the second Hispanic country with the most US residents surpassed only by Mexico.

María Elena O’Rourke, former vice president of the Democratic Party in the DR, told Diario Libre that the process to vote from abroad is simple, but given that the majority of the country’s voters are elderly people, party volunteers travel to their residences to assist them in the process.

“We delegates travel to different parts of the country to help retired Americans in the country exercise their right to vote. As the majority are already elderly, they generally must be assisted because they do not know how to handle themselves electronically or because of language difficulties,” she said.


In the country there are about 300,000 American citizens eligible to vote.

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