Local October 5, 2020 | 7:57 am

Dominicans want more jailed corrupt officials, not taxes

Santo Domingo.- As a result of Luis Abinader’s arrival to the Presidency, thousands of petitions rained down on him to bring to justice and imprison outgoing officials who had committed acts of corruption.

As the days go by, in social networks, the desire of the population to see behind bars those who enriched themselves with the people’s money or who committed other crimes against the State.

But what has filled the networks of requests so that those who embezzled millions from public position, return those funds and pay for those crimes, has been the pretensions of the government to tax salary number 13, purchases with credit cards. credit, contracted digital services and other taxes that put more burden on the Dominicans’ salary.

The people expressed their rebuke against the draft budget that was submitted last week before the Chamber of Deputies, and among the things they hope that it includes getting rid of taxes.

They also demand justice for the former officials who inexplicably got rich.

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