Local October 7, 2020 | 2:44 pm

Dominican Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources plants 155,000 trees in first five days of “Reforestation Month”

The Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources successfully started its planting day in the framework of the “Reforestation Month” by planting in the first five days of this month, a total of 155 thousand trees of various species in different parts of the country.

Azua, Barahona, Elías Piña, La Romana, La Vega, Monte Plata, Monseñor Nouel, María Trinidad Sánchez, Sánchez Ramírez, San Juan, San José de Ocoa, Santo Domingo and San Cristóbal, have been the points in the country where these trees have been planted.

“We are planting trees because by doing so, we plant water, and with it, we work for the future and present of the Dominican Republic,” said Minister Orlando Jorge Mera when he invited the population to plant a tree during this month.

These reforestation plans were reactivated after a six-month hiatus due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Among the species planted are: Pinus Occidetalis, Cedar, Pigeon Heart, Capá Puerto Rico, Capá Sabanero, Cabirma Santa y Guinea and Pinus Caribaea.

The “Month of Reforestation.”

The reforestation day, organized by the Vice Ministry of Forestry Resources led by Fernanda de Leon, will continue throughout October. The following points where the Ministry of Environment will be visiting this coming Saturday, October 10, are Puerto Plata, San José de las Matas, and Villa Altagracia.

However, the plans will extend throughout the year to contribute to the increase in the country’s forest coverage, which is at 37% and thus conserve the watersheds.

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