Local October 19, 2020 | 2:35 pm

Haitians injure soldiers in Elías Piña

Santo Domingo, DR

A lieutenant and a sergeant from the Dominican Republic Army were injured when they were attacked by Haitians in El Valle, El Llano municipality, Elías Piña province.

The wounded soldiers are Second Lieutenant Diógenes Paniagua and Sergeant Major José Miguel Ogando Encarnación, who had to be transferred yesterday to the Dr. Rosa Duarte public hospital of the Comendador municipality, in Elías Piña, affected by injuries caused by a group of Haitians.

It was reported that the incident occurred in the Macapi Forestry project, located in the El Valle area. At a time when payments were allegedly being made to the Haitians working in that town, they took advantage of the opportunity to attack the military with stones and clubs.

With all the increased economic pressures from the coronavirus pandemic, undocumented Haitians have been streaming into the DR in search of relief. Tensions are more charged than usual and skirmishes result.

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