Local October 21, 2020 | 2:31 pm

Cesfront soldier kills Haitian who had attacked him

Santo Domingo, DR

A Haitian died yesterday in Dajabón hospital after being shot by a member of the Specialized Land Border Security Corps (Cesfront), who he allegedly attacked with a homemade firearm.

The incident occurred near the military detachment located in La Vigía, when the Army sergeant Joselito de La Rosa Polanco and Corporal Dauri Hernández, both assigned to Cesfront, were patrolling the area and detected Ernso Jacques, who had Haitian ID 1175933717, crossing the borderline on a motorcycle through an informal pass.

According to a note from the Cesfront, a patrol ordered the Haitian to stop, identifying himself as a member of the specialized corps, but the foreigner “acted by surprise and violently attacked Corporal Hernández, hitting him, tearing his uniform and throwing him to the ground at the same time that he was pulling a homemade Chagón weapon from his waist, so in order to defend himself and save his life, Hernández had to shoot him with the service pistol.

Jacques was taken by the Cesfront patrol to the Ramón Matías Mella hospital in Dajabón to receive medical attention, but he did not survive.

Forensic doctor Ambiorix Jiménez Tejada certified that he died from a gunshot wound to the chest with an entrance and exit point. Corporal Hernandez resulted in left costal trauma. The fact is being investigated by competent agencies.

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