Local October 21, 2020 | 12:07 pm

Embattled senator backtracks, won’t access slush fund

Santo Domingo.- After days of scathing rebuke, National District senator, Faride Raful, declared Wed. that she has renounced access to a slush fund dubbed the “little barrel.”

“We have made the firm decision to eliminate the funds associated with the so-called barrel,” said the legislator when reading a statement.

“The barrel is a distortion of the system, we have always maintained that criticism due to its discretionary use of clients and away from the functions of the legislator. Reason why we arranged that these funds were to be used in a technical office However, we have decided after hearing the opinions of our constituents to eliminate the use of funds,” said Raful.

The lawmaker, who joins senators Eduardo Estrella and Antonio Taveras in rejecting the barrel, said she will look for another way to finance the Legislative Technical Office.

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