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Government and private sector will compete for the design of another Country Brand logo

David Collado, Minister of Tourism, and members of the private sector during the announcement of the contest for the design of the new Country Brand logo. (Diario Libre / JOAQUÍN CARABALLO)

They will not use a logo that provoked questions of course plagiarism



The controversy generated by the logo that will identify the Country Brand strategy was rejected, and they will call for a contest to create a new design.

“For us, it is unacceptable that it is part of the Country Brand strategy, and that is why together with the private sector, we are going to start a contest to choose the logo that will complement the country brand,” expressed David Collado, Minister of Tourism.

He assured that the contest would be carried out with the private sector’s multi-sector commission’s main members.

He said that the public sector will not participate in the contest but will be carried out entirely by the private sector.

Collado said that the project would open the doors to young seniors from all universities to stimulate talent, love of entrepreneurship of youth, and technical schools specialized in design will have the opportunity to participate.

“The logo in our country has to come from the entrails of our people; it has to represent what we are. That is why we are going to allow the youth of the Dominican Republic to participate in the elaboration of the logo through a contest”, explained the Minister of Tourism.

He specified that the private sector would be accompanied by professional technicians, experts in brands in the country.

He said that the first place would have a prize of RD $ 3,000,000 and the accompaniment and advice from the private sector for an entire year.

He said that the RD$3,000,000 has a purpose and helps the winner build their first business and have their own advertising agency.

The second place will also have a prize of RD $ 1,000,000 and will also have the support and advice of the private sector.

On her side, the spokeswoman of the business sector, Circe Almánzar, read a document where she indicated that she explained that the Country Brand is the tool that will positively influence the image of the Dominican Republic, positioning its own attributes and distinctive identity.

She specified that this Country Brand is not a logo. It is a strategy that seeks to consolidate an advantageous position in an immediate way that aims to improve reputation, give certainty and confidence to attract investments, generate jobs, increase exports, and promote national pride.

“Today, we have summoned you to inform you about the work we will carry out from the multi-sector commission since this initiative is bigger than a symbol; it is bigger than each one of us as individuals. This is above individual or partisan interests; we are talking about our country and a group of responsible people who will bravely face the obstacles and seek reasonable and balanced solutions for the good of all,” said Almánzar.

He pointed out that as communicated by the Minister of Tourism, David Collado, as a result of the diverse questions that have been presented regarding the logo of this initiative, the multi-sectoral commission decided to recommend the change of logo with the firm conviction that this project is much bigger than a mere symbol.

“We are aware that all those who have participated in the discussions on the graphic execution have done so with the highest patriotic sense and for defending and protecting the strength of our image. To this end, tomorrow, we will announce the details of the contest we will be holding for the design of our Country Brand logo,” said the business executive.

She details that this contest is designed on the bases that cement the Country Brand, “an opportunity for all.”

She adds that during the next 25 days, the participants of this contest will undertake a challenge and have the opportunity to approach great experts in graphic design, advertising, and communication.

“This contest seeks to return the brilliance and enthusiasm that all Dominicans must assume in this path of building our Country Brand strategy,” said Circe Almánzar when reading the report as a way of advancing the multi-sector commission Country Brand.


In the act, it was also informed that they would start the creation of the private sector trust with a value of US$2,000,000. This will allow the execution of the advocacy and attraction strategies needed to position its image with strength and differentiation.


They will call for a tender in which international firms, experts in crisis management, will participate, which will allow them to have the protocols and procedures of the place to proactively and effectively face any adversity that threatens the country.

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