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A day in the agenda of President Luis Abinader; know the secrets he revealed



Santo Domingo, DR

President Luis Abinader was surprised that the logo of the Country Brand project was plagiarism.

This was revealed by the president to journalist Alicia Ortega, who dedicated the program El Informe con Alicia, after spending more than 15 hours with the president, capturing on video how a day’s work goes by now that he is president of the Republic.

“We received everything already completed. The design and the logo, but supposedly or actually, had been analyzed. Then we were informed that the design was already in use and that it had been agreed upon by a group,” he said.

He expressed that as he believes in the continuity of the State and he was not going to embark on other expenses just to say that he had done it, and as the logo was already made, he set the launch.

“The country really needs a country brand to start the promotion we are going to do with investments and exports, but we are going to see how we solve that,” said the president.

A day in the life of Luis Abinader

Alicia Ortega arrived first thing in the morning at the home of President Luis Abinader, where she discovered and revealed some intimacies of his personal life, such as the fact that he takes seven pills every day, including multivitamins.

Among other secrets, the president revealed to the journalist that he has slept twice with his wife in the presidential suite of the government house because those particular workdays were intense and the next day a similar one awaited them.

On the way to the National Palace

Eleven minutes is the time it takes Abinader to get to the National Palace from his home. Dressed in white, he began his work with the accreditation of three ambassadors who were received along with his chancellor, Roberto Alvarez.

After the respective anthems of the countries of the diplomats were played, the president spoke for 15 minutes with each one of them until the ceremony ended.

Police Reform

Later, Abinader met with the director-general of the National Police, Major General Edward Sanchez, to review the public safety situation in the country.

The president was accompanied by the general director of Public Contracting, Carlos Pimentel, and the Minister of the Presidency, Lisandro Macarrulla.

On this occasion, the president revealed to Alicia Ortega that he is working on the police reform that seeks to increase the salary of the members of the entity to $300, which would be increased to $500 later.

He also spoke of systematizing the institution to the point that citizens can make any complaint from digital platforms. In addition, to carry out a study to determine the points of greatest criminality in the country to combat it with the same method that was used by Rudolf Giuliani in New York.

Important topics

Upon entering his office, Abinader reiterated that he would not continue with the services of the Brazilian company Odebrecht due to the non-compliances in six or seven worksites that they have in the country.

Similarly, he spoke that he would not privatize State entities, but that there would be a collaboration between the public and private sectors.

Over the next few hours, he held meetings with several of his ministers in different rooms to discuss important day-to-day issues.

The journalist Alicia Ortega gave 15 hours of coverage to President Luis Abinader.


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