Local November 13, 2020 | 4:06 pm

Public Health begins a day of vaccination of dogs and cats

The Ministry of Public Health started this Friday a national day of anti-rabies vaccination of dogs and cats, which will take place in the eight health areas of Greater Santo Domingo and the other provinces of the country epidemiological blockade to reduce the risk of spreading the rabies virus.

“It is a preventive day, since the only way to immunize the canine and feline population is through the vaccine, and this way, the transmission of the disease to humans is avoided,” said Dr. Manul Tejada, director of the Prevention Center.

The doctor emphasized that the Ministry of Public Health is not going to eliminate animals. It is going to vaccinate dogs and cats to make an epidemiological blockade.

According to the authorities, the national day’s operations will have more than a million doses with an investment of RD$26 million. Brigades made up of two people will go house to house, instructed with the necessary protocol to avoid crowds, and prevent Covid-19.

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