Local November 18, 2020 | 11:58 am

Environment rescues a ‘living fossil’ in Puerto Plata

Photo courtesy of eldia.com.do

Puerto Plata – A solenodon, a mammal exclusive to the island of Hispaniola which is in danger of extinction, was rescued Tue. in a community in the western side of the city.

The individual, a female about 32 centimeters long in apparently good health, was in a burlap sack for its alleged sale by a man who was detained in the Estero Hondo municipal district.

The Solenodon Paradoxus, a ‘’living fossil,’’ was seized by the Environmental authorities in Puerto Plata headed by provincial director Raúl Brugal Meyreles, accompanied by soldiers assigned to the interagency Joint Task Force located in that area.

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