Local November 19, 2020 | 2:48 pm

Minister of Agriculture assures the country is able to supply Christmas food demand

Minister of Agriculture, Limber Cruz

The Minister of Agriculture, Limber Cruz, assured this Thursday that the agricultural production of the country is capable of supplying the demand for food produced during the Christmas season.

“We are doing well, people should not be afraid. We have guaranteed the food security of the Dominican Republic, we are working in that sense. The numbers, statistics, inventories, and everything related to production is being monitored day by day and we understand that there will actually be food,” he said.

He affirmed that there is a contingency for chicken and pork, which are traditionally in greater demand.

“As we already entered a third-quarter because obviously that put us certain limitations and we had to put the speed both in the field as in different production centers in the city,” he said.

Limbert Cruz spoke after signing an agreement with Progresando con Solidaridad to develop family farming strategies and strengthen food security.

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