Local November 22, 2020 | 11:01 am

Porsche Center Santo Domingo joins the Evergo electric charging station network

Santo Domingo

Executives from Porsche Center Santo Domingo and Evergo join forces to encourage electric mobility in the country through the Porsche Destination Charging station, located on Avenida Simón Bolívar numerous benefits of electric recharging for electric vehicle customers and hybrids from this manufacturer.

Also, at the time of acquiring a one hundred percent electric Porsche Taycan model, the customer will obtain a Porsche access kit, which will include an RFID electric recharge card with the equivalent of 10,000 km of free charge during the first year, with the possibility of transferring consumption the following year.

As for the Hybrid, Panamera, or Cayenne models, the user will get the equivalent of 20,000 km of free charge during the first year, with the possibility of transferring consumption to the following year. All of them will have at their disposal the route map of Evergo’s available chargers throughout the national geography.

Currently, the Evergo network has more than 150 charging stations deployed in the four cardinal points of the country to offer electric vehicle users the necessary confidence that they will reach their destination, whatever it may be, without fear of running out of charge.

Operated by InterEnergy Systems Dominicana, a division of InterEnergy Group, Evergo is a pioneer in the installation of level 3 or ‘superfast’ or ‘fast charger’ charging stations, which revolutionize the electric mobility sector allowing the full charge of a vehicle in less than an hour, depending on the model. The currently available Porsche Destination Charging station corresponds to this mode.

We are excited by the idea of ​​being able to join the Evergo electric charging station network, with the help of InterEnergy Group, with which, regardless of whether the Taycan can travel more than 400 km, we can calmly support ourselves along the way with a reliable network cargo,” commented Jacinto Peynado, president of Porsche Center Santo Domingo.

“This alliance makes us proud and contributes to our commitment to the development of sustainable and quality solutions that meet the needs of users and potential users of electric vehicles. We continue to expand our network throughout the country to continue advancing in our goal of reaching 500 charging stations by the end of 2021,” said Roberto Herrera.

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