Health November 24, 2020 | 2:08 pm

“Flexibility will depend on the level of contagion” says the vice president on Christmas festivities

Santo Domingo, DR

The Vice President of the Republic, Raquel Peña, called on the population to continue using masks and physical distancing measures to avoid the coronavirus’s spread.

The official attended the presentation of the Industrial Merit Award of the Association of Industry of the Dominican Republic, in the National Theater where she reaffirmed that “the important thing is that we continue to be very aware of what health care is for all Dominicans.”

Before the start of the event, the Vice President said that all measures are being taken and will continue according to the levels of positivity in the country of the coronavirus.

“We are not going to neglect this, and we have managed in a very positive and very favorable way,” she reaffirmed

About making the measures for the end of the year celebrations more flexible, Peña guaranteed that this would depend on how the contagion curve is handled.

“The flexibility will depend on the level of infection, and we must preserve health; this is a powerful virus. We have seen worldwide there has been a resurgence.”

Peña assured that the Government would not be negligent “we have been managing in a very positive way.”

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