Local November 25, 2020 | 8:25 am

Nov. 25 a most infamous Dominican date

Santo Domingo.- Go back home, they killed your daughters. He killed them! ” Belgica Adela (Dedé) Mirabal Reyes told her mother Mercedes Reyes Camilo (Doña Chea) when she received the telegram at the Salcedo governor’s palace on November 25, 1960.

Minerva, Patria and María Teresa were murdered along with their friend and driver Rufino de la Cruz when they returned from visiting their imprisoned husbands in Puerto Plata.

Sitting in Dedé’s garden and having the singing of the birds as the background sound, Minou Tavárez Mirabal tells what it means to be the daughter of Minerva, whom in addition to being a mother and wife, she defines as a politician, activist, militant, founder and ideologist of the June 14 Revolutionary Movement (1J4). Activism that cost her and her sisters their lives on orders by the dictator Rafael Trujillo.

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