Local December 4, 2020 | 3:05 pm

Policemen returned a bag with more than 200,000 pesos and fine clothes

The Director-General of the National Police, Major General Edward Sanchez Gonzalez, and Regional Director of the Northwest Mao, Valverde province, General Jose Delio Mora Reynoso, congratulated the ethics, morals, and professionalism of two of its members after the officers delivered a bag with more than two-hundred-thousand pesos and precious clothes that had fallen from a moving vehicle to its rightful owner.

The two traffic officers recognized are Luis Miguel Luciano Rodriguez and Andres Gil Garcia, who serve as patrolmen of that city.

The discovery occurred at the interception of the Hermanas Mirabal and Benito Monción avenues. Rodriguez and Garcia noticed that a bag had fallen from a moving van, and they managed to return the belongings to the rightful owner.

The institution of order reiterated its congratulations for an honorable and honest performance.

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