Local December 12, 2020 | 12:03 pm

Monument, illuminated for Christmas in Santiago

They decorate the Monument.

Santiago. The Ministry of Culture dressed the emblematic and historic Monument to the Heroes of the Restoration with Christmas lights, to promote the family union that the new normal requires.

The people of Santiago who have not given up visiting the space despite the measures taken by the Covid-19 can enjoy the lights and allegorical decoration at the Christmas holidays.

The lighting of the Christmas trees annually has the support of both the Ministry of Culture and the Monument to the Heroes of the Restoration and the Gran Teatro del Cibao, and the financial support of Cemento Cibao.

The traditional Christmas space, open until after the Day of the Holy Kings, they decided to include a manger simulating the birth of the baby Jesus, as a way to remember the importance of the family.

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