Local December 14, 2020 | 4:07 pm

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Julio Iglesias, in full tranquility in Punta Cana during the pandemic

Julio Iglesias has spent the coronavirus pandemic in the Dominican Republic, while his family has remained in Miami, and they have occasionally visited.

The singer is calm and in full enjoyment of nature, especially taking advantage of swims in the sea near his villa in the exclusive Corales, in Punta Cana.

The artist is in the country. “He is still there, in his house (villa) enjoying the quiet. Occasionally he goes to Miami, and the family there comes for occasional visits. He comes and goes,” confirmed Frank Rainieri, CEO and president of Grupo Puntacana, where the world celebrity has his residence and with whom he shares a partnership.

The renowned businessman stressed that the author of `La Carretera` is undoubtedly the most recognized and successful Latin American artist globally.

Spanish media that fervently follow the artist’s life have suggested a certain distance between him and his wife Miranda in recent reports. However, the issue has not been publicly discussed, much less confirmed.

At this time, in addition to enjoying the charming property that he has in the country, the singer enjoys every moment of the attractive natural charms that made him fall in love with the DR, especially the Punta Cana environment.

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