Local December 18, 2020 | 7:42 am

Scandal: Dominican Republic Gov. paid bandleaders in advance

Santo Domingo.- The contracts between the Government’s Social Policies (GCPS), with some 70 Dominican bands for future concerts, has not only aroused complaints within the art world, but also found opposition on illegality.

On Thursday, the General Directorate of Public Procurement said it opened an ex officio investigation into said procurement, after verifying that there was non-observance of the principles of transparency and publicity, among other irregularities.

By letter, Carlos Pimentel, director of Public Procurement, recommended to Francisco Antonio Peña Guaba, head of the Social Policy, to rescind the contracts and stop the signing of new ones, as well as the delivery of funds for said concept.

Some bandleaders received as much as over RD$1.0 million in advance, to perform o more than four concerts.

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