Local December 22, 2020 | 12:08 pm

Puerto Rican capo caught in Dominican Republic fed his rivals to crocodiles

V. Natera, left with robe.

Santo Domingo.- Vladimir Natera Abreu, handed over yesterday to US Marshals accused of heading a drug trafficking network, began to gain dominance in the underworld after the fall of the Puerto Ricans José David Figueroa Agosto, “Junior Cápsula,” and Ángel Ayala Vásquez «Ángelo Millones».

The authorities suspect that Natera Abreu, leader of the gang known as the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Cantera (FARC), accused of multiple crimes, had links with the network of César Emilio Peralta “El Abusador.”

Natera and “El Abusador” allegedly maintained close relationships with artists of the urban genre, from Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic as well.

Natera’s bloodthirsty attitude is what landed him on the list of the FBI’s most wanted, and his rise within the FARC, which was characterized by feeding his rivals to crocodiles

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