Local December 24, 2020 | 2:03 pm

Covid doesn’t stop enthusiasm for Christmas Eve dinner

Vehicle congestion was evident yesterday on Duarte Avenue, where citizens flocked to buy various items. Photo: Glauco Moquete. Daily Listing.



Santo Domingo, DR

The Covid-19 will not harm the traditional Christmas Eve dinner that Dominicans celebrate this day because amid restrictions, complaints about lack of money, and other inconveniences, they took a chance to bring the delicacy to their tables.

People took to the streets on the evening of December 23rd from 6:00 in the morning to buy, and in a matter of minutes, they filled the supermarkets, gift stores, and plazas, while the streets remained blocked until after 9:00 at night.

Although numerous vendors, formal and informal, complained that “things were slow,” the crowds of people at food, drink, clothing, gift, and other outlets indicated otherwise, as they were crowded.

On the Duarte and José Martí avenues and other roads in the vicinity, traffic was chaotic due to many drivers and people on foot who passed through the place loaded with various items.

Even to get a cart, you had to wait for a turn.

Grills in the streets

The grills and street kitchens began to place the pigs on display around 4:00 in the afternoon to respond to the demand of buyers supplied with the traditional roast meat.

Mr. Eugenio Navarro (El Vacano), who has a piglet farm on the San Isidro highway, had 50 units requested and paid for yesterday afternoon, so he predicted that today he would reach 200.

“The orders are coming in, and we are in an excellent mood that we will sell well today. That’s why I reinforced my team with 20 more men to be able to meet our customer’s needs,” he said.

However, Juancito Almonte and Mireya Perez feel the sales are slow compared to last year, but they hope this 24th will improve.

A pound of roast pork costs between 250 and 325 pesos (USD $4.30 – $5.60) per pound, depending on where it is purchased.

Likewise, fruit and candy stands have been installed in different parts of the city, along with the roast pork and baked chicken stands.

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