Local December 31, 2020 | 9:20 am

Public Health calls on the population to avoid excessive drinking during holidays

Santo Domingo.– As the year-end festivities begin today, health authorities call on the population to adopt all the measures against covid-19 and avoid excessive alcohol consumption.

They also ensure that the hospital system is ready to deal with any medical eventualities that may arise.

In statements issued separately, the National Health Service (SNS) detailed the measures adopted in the health facilities of the public network, while the departments of Mental Health and Attention to the Person of the Public Health Ministry Health remind the population that traffic accidents are related to the consumption of alcohol and other narcotic substances, and their main protagonists are young people.

Experts agree that many people have found themselves drinking more since the start of the pandemic, often to cope with what’s going on. But drinking more can lead to devastating health consequences, both mental and physical.




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