Local January 4, 2021 | 9:01 am

Dominican Police wage hike starts in January

Santo Domingo.– This month the members of the National Police will begin to receive their salary increase, which ranges from 10% to 40%, with the highest percentage being the salaries of those of lower rank.

A private who previously earned RD$10,150.42 will now earn RD$14,210.59; a corporal who received RD$11,600.38 rises to RD$16,240.53; a sergeant goes from RD$13,050.73 to RD$18,271.02; a sergeant major goes from RD$14,300.98 to RD$19,306.32, and cadets from RD$12,500.56 to RD$16,250.73, according to a note from the Communications Department of the Ministry of the Interior and Police.

The salary increase also includes officers such as second lieutenants who earned RD$15,600.26 and now will earn RD$20,900.26; first lieutenants receive an increase from RD$18,001.32 to RD$23,401.72; a captain goes from RD$21,000.82 to RD$26,251.03; a major goes from RD$22,426.15 to RD$28,032.69; a lieutenant colonel who earned RD$25,875.02 receives RD$32,343.78; a colonel with a salary of RD$29,375.03 reaches RD$36,718.79; and a general goes from RD$41,030.04 to RD$45,133.04.

The inspector general and the deputy director of the National Police will go from RD$68,782.36 to RD$75,660.60, and the general director from RD$89,963.50 to 98,959.85.

In addition to the salary increase, another benefit that the police will receive will be the fare exemption to ride the bus, Metro and Cable Car.

Similarly, police officers now have the possibility to buy low-cost food products through the Institute of Price Stabilization (Inespre).

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