Local January 4, 2021 | 12:21 pm

Politico warns: PLD strength is that Danilo will not be its candidate in 2024

José Francisco Peña Guaba. (Photo: www.bis.org.do)

Santo Domingo.– The president of the Institutional Social Democratic Block (BIS), José Francisco Peña Guaba, assured on Monday that the strength of the opposition Dominican Liberation Party (PLD) for the 2024 presidential elections is that former president Danilo Medina will not be his Presidential candidate.

“The PLD strength lies in the fact that Danilo is not the candidate. If the PLD pulls out of its hat a candidate who is not committed to acts of corruption, who does not have problems and who is a young person, it can cause serious headaches to the People’s Force and the PRM. We are not going to fool ourselves, that is the reality,” said Peña Guaba when interviewed by Kelvin Faña in his television program “Let’s Talk about Politics.”

When asked who this candidate could be, Peña Guaba said that he does not know, but pointed out that “there are many young lads in the PLD and Danilo is very skilled and has a lot of experience. But despite that, he should have learned more, after all these blows.”

“As long as the PRM does not solve the fundamental problems of health, education, employment and as long as people stop giving importance to the process of persecuting administrative corruption, the PLD adversaries will continue to weaken,” he said.

Possible alliance between PLD and Fuerza del Pueblo

Regarding the future of former president Leonel Fernández, the People’s Force and the PLD, Peña Guaba expressed that both forces have a problem with their electoral bases, but he did not rule out an alliance for 2024.

“Leonel Fernández has a real and concrete position. What happens is that the bases of the People’s Force are also divided, they are sharing the same space with those of the PLD. That is a serious problem both forces have,” Peña Guaba added.

“If the President and the PRM are not smart, they could face an electoral situation in the 2024 elections, whether the PLD and the People’s Force are in the majority, build a second round and whoever classifies for them wins the government”, he pointed out.

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