Local January 5, 2021 | 9:00 am

The Government strengthens its social assistance programs

Abinader said that the conditions of access to assistance programs must change to eliminate abuses.

President Abinader said that the program is one more government initiative to continue accompanying the most vulnerable population.

Santo Domingo, DR

President Luis Abinader Corona announced yesterday the extension of the social program Stay at Home until April of this year and the transformation of the Comer es Primero, Por Supérate program, by spearheading the launch of a new package of government measures to guarantee food security of citizens and support the most vulnerable households in their speedy recovery.

Starting in May 2021, the “Comer es Primero” (Eating is First) program will be transformed into “Supérate,” (Improve yourself) which will reach one million households that will receive RD $ 1,650 per month and comprehensive support with training and training so that beneficiaries can access education and employment. The president said that it is one more initiative that joins the government’s central axis in its firm effort to create quality jobs for the people. Abinader highlighted the urgent need to continue accompanying the population in the recovery process and the government’s preponderant social action in the face of the consequences of Covid-19, which will extend beyond eliminating the virus.

“The Government will not neglect those households that continue to be affected by the pandemic. We will continue accompanying them and betting on a more inclusive social policy as a guarantee of citizens’ rights and for the generation of jobs as the most sustainable way for the social protection of households,” he said.

“Stay at Home” will run until April
The president announced that the “Stay at Home” program, scheduled to end in August and extended to December of last year, will be extended until April of this year.

He said that “even in a tough year for the finances of the Dominican State, we will continue to provide solidarity support to all households affected by the pandemic. I have always said that we are all going to get out of this crisis together. And here is one more proof of that commitment. The conditions of access to social assistance programs must change. We must eliminate past abuses and break with patronage, providing them with greater transparency and improving coordination with other government programs,” said the President.

“Improve yourself”: a joint effort of the State.
The new cash transfer program to the neediest will benefit twice the amount that households received from the old “Eating is First” program, RD $ 1,650, and will add 200,000 homes to reach the goal of one million.

He indicated that with the “Improve yourself” program, through Prosoli, work will be done in coordination with other public institutions to facilitate the process of reintegration into work for those affected by Covid-19 and for people in extreme poverty. He specified that they would work with the ministries of Labor, Higher Education, Infotep, and other institutions.

RD $ 3,000 DETAILS
Gloria Reyes, director of Prosoli, explained that in January-April 2021, there would be a gradual dismantling of the amount and number of beneficiaries. In January, it will begin with the transfer of RD $ 3,000 per month per household.

Abinader stated that from the Unique System of Beneficiaries (SIUBEN), the Unique Registry of Beneficiaries would be strengthened so that all the Government’s social benefits reach those who most need them and avoid duplication.

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